'Peaky Blinders' Issues Statement After Ron DeSantis Campaign Shares Video With Unlicensed Tommy Shelby Footage

The creators of "Peaky Blinders" were not happy to be connected to Ron DeSantis.

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Ron DeSantis' campaign shared a video on June 30 "celebrating" Pride Month by championing all the anti-LGBTQ+ legislation the Florida governor has passed recently. The video contains clips from various movies, and a shot of Peaky Blinders character Tommy Shelby. On Wednesday, the producers of Peaky Blinders tweeted that the footage was used without their permission and that no one associated with the show endorsed the content of the video.

Here's the video in question:

And here is the response from Peaky Blinders:

Yeah, using anything without permission is a big no-no. The video appears to have been made by someone else, but was clearly endorsed and shared by the DeSantis campaign.

Here's the thing though, the person who created that video has seen the movies and shows whose footage he used, right? The creator compares DeSantis to:

-Patrick Bateman from American Psycho, who is a straight up a serial killer.

-Tommy Shelby, a gypsy gangster and drug addict with PTSD who married a prostitute, has ordered the deaths of hundreds and is pro-labor union.

-Achilles from Troy, a man whose arrogance and pride cost the lives of thousands.

-Jordan Belfort from Wolf of Wall Street, a financial criminal.

Are those really the people you want to be comparing your chosen conservative, "family values" candidate to?