Pay Attention: Kyrie Irving is Giving Ego Advice Online

Bobby Burack

Last night on Instagram, either cryptically, or as a troll, Kyrie Irving posted a photo with a strongly written caption.  “Ego has no room between You and Me. We are One! I am.” said Irving.

It’s hard to explain how great it is Irving is talking about egos online. This is the same guy who demanded to be traded from Cleveland because playing behind one of the greatest players of all-time wasn’t good for his ego. Irving wasn’t looking for a better team, situation, or future, but just to be the man. Yeah, not exactly the guy you would come to for advice with ego problems. But don’t tell him that.

This is so on brand, though, ahead of Irving’s big free agency decision. It’s a confusing caption, doesn’t fit the timing of his situation, and is totally hypocritical. Which, of course, fits the majority of things Irving has said in recent years. To no surprise, this post didn’t sit well with Boston sports fans who on one hand just want him gone, but on the other, just can’t get over how poor his time in green went.

It should be noted, these Boston sports fans could be making this into something about them, when it may have nothing to do with them. This message could be intended to Irving’s next team. He could just be warning them to get their egos out the way before he arrives as no egos will be allowed. It will be all about winning. That could be it, right?