Paxton Lynch Throws Shade At Broncos During Seahawks Camp

Ryan Phillips

Paxton Lynch has a chance at jump-starting his career with the Seattle Seahawks after a disastrous tenure with the Denver Broncos. On Monday, he tossed some shade at his former team by praising his current one.

When asked about the atmosphere in Seattle with the Seahawks, Lynch said the following:

“It feels closer, feels like a family. I bring my fiancé out here, I bring my dad out here. And they even say it too. They feel so much more welcome around everybody. They’re so good to them. They treat them so good. They treat the players good. It feels like part of a family. It feels like everybody is close.”

Translation: the Broncos suck!

But really, it’s pretty clear Lynch was letting us know the atmosphere around the team in Seattle is better than it was in Denver. Lynch went from being the future of the Broncos franchise to playing in just five games over three seasons. It’s understandable he might not have the best memories of the place.