Bakery Fulfills Unusual Birthday Cake Request for Paul Pierce's Big Day

Rodin Eckenroth/GettyImages

Paul Pierce celebrated his 45th birthday on October 13 with the help of a good friend who preserved one of the future Hall of Famer's most memorable recent moments in dessert form. The fateful Instagram video of Pierce and his crew hanging out with some young ladies on-screen having the time of their lives. A content choice that led to ESPN and the then-analyst parting ways.


One can only imagine the sharp turn a local bakery employee's day took upon receiving this order. Usually it's just pictures of 6-year-olds flashing toothy grins or old men getting roasted for reaching a particular milestone. PG-13 or borderline R imagery with the phrase "Come Through Monica" is certainly not the norm. This remains a fiercely Puritanical country.

Pierce seemed totally fine with his ESPN departure and the time and subsequently said he was ready to leave anyway, so the cake was received in good spirits. Would that we could all have a buddy willing to fill out the requisite paperwork for such a treat.