Paul Finebaum: Nick Saban Shooed Jimbo Fisher Away 'Like a Fly on Your Potato Salad' During SEC Meetings

Nick Saban and Jimbo Fisher
Nick Saban and Jimbo Fisher / Don Juan Moore/GettyImages

The SEC had itself a bit of a civil war a few weeks ago when Nick Saban and Jimbo Fisher traded jabs about NIL recruiting and the state of affairs in college football. Saban took aim at Texas A&M whilst complaining about the unfair advantages now given in recruiting under the new NIL rules, prompting Fisher to host an entire press conference in which he responded to those allegations and took some big shots of his own at Saban. It was all quite something.

The SEC held its spring meetings this week, meetings that all SEC coaches attend. Which means Saban and Fisher were presumably going to be in the same vicinity since their war of the words. Paul Finebaum had boots on the ground and appeared on Get Up to report Saban "shooed" Fisher away "like a fly on your potato salad at the Memorial Day company picnic."

Well, I doubt this did much to convince Fisher that Saban does not, in fact, have a god complex, as the Texas A&M coach accused the Alabama legend of during said press conference.

Oh to be a ... fly ... on the wall there. The temperature in the room undoubtedly dropped a dozen degrees as it unfolded. Imagine that postgame handshake after A&M takes on 'Bama this year. It's going to get better, folks.