Mack Brown Tells Paul Finebaum College Football Can't Happen Without Fans

Ryan Phillips
Mack Brown coaches North Carolina against Miami
Mack Brown coaches North Carolina against Miami / Lance King/Getty Images

Mack Brown doesn't think college football can happen without fans. While other coaches are claiming football will happen as normal this year no matter what, Brown had a different take on the future of the game.

North Carolina's head coach claimed he didn't think football could happen without fans, mostly because of the financial ramifications. The revenue generated from college football and college basketball games supports most of the other sports.

He also made the salient point that if college football wasn't safe for fans then it sure as heck isn't safe for players.

Here are his full comments:

Nothing Brown said was wrong. College sports rely heavily on the revenue generated by attendance and merchandise sales. While the NFL and NBA could likely temporarily survive without fans due to their TV contracts, college sports need fans to buy tickets.

Meanwhile, there's no reason to believe football players will be safe from the coronavirus on the field with other football players.

It's a sad realization, but Brown may be right about college football not happening without fans in the seats.