Paul Finebaum Dressed Up as Good King Friday on 'First Take'

Kyle Koster
What is this?
What is this? /

There are certain times when laying out the happenings on the morning's First Take sounds like you're retelling a fever dream you had after a late-night spicy ramen meal and six Bud Ices. This is one of those times.

Above you see Stephen A. Smith and Paul Finebaum. One is dressed like ESPN's most handsomely compensated commenter (pre-Tony Romo era, of course). The other appears to be paying homage to the ruler of the Neighborhood of Make-Believe.

It was one of those rare Chekov's Gun situations that didn't provide resolution. Viewers everywhere were undoubtably waiting for the Mouth of the South to take a big glug out of that chalice in the off chance he aged like the guy from Raiders of the Lost Ark. Because that's how we all feel after waiting through this interminable period between the semifinals and championship.

Credit where credit's due. I watched the entire segment with rapt attention. So ESPN wins. Again.

Last thing: what a heady play by Finebaum. No one can see your dome if you're wearing a crown. Expect something similar from Adam Gase if he ever gets a role as a talking head.