Paul Finebaum Asserts Dominance Over Tiny Alligator, Is a Bad Man

Kyle Koster

Florida hosts Alabama later today in a game the experts and pretty much everyone else assumes will get as lopsided as a cheap Wiffle Ball. But two-touchdown spreads were made to be proven inaccurate and thus hope exists — for now — in Gainesville. SEC Nation was on-site for the conference's marquee matchup with its three biggest stars: Jordan Rodgers, Paul Finebaum and a lil' baby alligator. One of the trio emerged as the the true alpha and, surprise surprise, it was Finebaum.

Who else would go eyeball to eyeball with a ferocious beast capable of, uh, capable of ... some light nibbling?

That was honestly quite a moment. So much communicated without words and across species. Honestly, it's a bit moving to see such mutual respect on display so early on a Saturday. Usually that has to wait for a postgame handshake and an earnest "see you in Atlanta."

Free idea for the folks at ESPN looking to boost ratings: have Finebaum do the same bit with Mike the Tiger. Run it by the lawyers if necessary but the people demand it.