Paul Clemens and the Houston Astros Need to Get Over Jed Lowrie's Stupid Bunt


Jed Lowrie bunted in the first inning of last Friday’s A’s – Astros game. At the time, the A’s were up 7 runs and the Astros had a shift on. Trying to get on base with a bunt and a 7-run lead is against The Unwritten Rules of Baseball. Paul Clemens takes The Unwritten Rules of Baseball very seriously. So he threw the ball between Lowrie’s legs during the next inning.

You would think that was enough. Perhaps it was time for the Astros and Paul Clemens to move on. Then, last night the A’s started a series in Houston. Clemens was again on the mound with his team down by 7 runs. So he took the opportunity to throw at Lowrie.

This time Clemens got tossed. Lowrie thinks Clemens should get a suspension. I agree. It’s time for Clemens to move on and it is time for MLB to take a stand against The Unwritten Rules of Baseball.