Pats Bros Purportedly Called Chip Kelly After He Was Fired, Got an Answer [VIDEO]

Ryan Glasspiegel

These Patriots fans had Chip Kelly’s number from a couple years back, and called him to commiserate about the firing. Here’s how they said they got his number:

Back story is as follows: “So this girl we were with last night… Worked at portsmouth country club in new hampshire. Kelly is from mew [sic] hampshire. He was a 3 day guest there, and she was kinda like an assistant for him while he was there. She said one night him and his buddies were wasted and said here take my phone number in case you lose me”

Because it’s the internet, and anything can be staged for the purposes of virality, that remains a possibility here. Nevertheless, it sounds like what his answers would be if he picked up the phone from a random 617 number, and didn’t feel like bothering to make small talk on the day of his firing by trying to ascertain who was on the other end of the line.