Patriots-Titans Ratings Massive Success for CBS

Bobby Burack
Titans touchdown.
Titans touchdown. / Kathryn Riley/Getty Images

The Titans nail-biting win over the Patriots Saturday night was seen by an average of 31.42 million viewers, CBS Sports says. The massive number is the most-watched AFC Wild Card primetime game in nine years, and up 7 percent from last year’s Wild Card primetime game between Seattle and Dallas, which drew 29.47 million.

The expectation was that this number would be significant. It was down-to-the-wire, widely entertaining, and had the built-in storyline of possibly being Tom Brady's last game with the Patriots. But to beat last's year equivalent, a Cowboys game, is substantial.

As I said last week, my belief was that the playoff would be down slightly with the absence of Dallas, the league's biggest ratings draw. This bodes well for the playoffs, which is also off to a riveting start on the field. The postseason is following an NFL regular season that saw ratings grow on ESPN, NBC, CBS, and FOX.

It's true, the NFL is as hot as ever.