Patriots Screwed by Bizarre Forward Progress Call vs. Dolphins

Liam McKeone
Patriots-Dolphins /

For as comically terrible as the New England Patriots have been at times in 2022, they are in control of their own playoff fate with two weeks to go. It is simple-- if the Pats win out, they're in the postseason. Their quest to do just that started today with the Miami Dolphins visiting Foxborough.

Things did not get off to a hot start for New England as they got completely screwed by the referees right off the bat. Raheem Mostert received his first carry on the second play of the game and got hit by Ja'Whuan Bentley before Jabrill Peppers came flying in and forced a very clear and obvious fumble. But the refs waved the play off and said Mostert's progress was stopped. Which, upon replay, is absolutely not true in any way.

While the schadenfreude of this happening one week after the Patriots lost to the Bengals in part due to another blown forward progress call is undoubtedly enjoyable for everyone outside of New England, no one can deny this is a downright horrific call. Mostert wasn't wrapped up. He wasn't moving backward. He wasn't even stumbling sideways. He was clearly moving forward! No generous interpretation of what the forward progress rule is supposed to mean can save the officials here.

Maybe the worst call of the year insofar as how obviously wrong it was immediately.