Patriots Receiver Josh Gordon Reportedly Applies for Reinstatement

Liam McKeone

The New England Patriots find themselves in a bit of a dire situation in regards to their wide receiving corps. Julian Edelman is the only proven guy on the roster as of now; the rest are made up of rookies and veterans who are looking for a second chance, whether it be the result of injury or getting overlooked. It’s tough for anyone who isn’t a diehard Pats fan to name two receivers who will definitely be on the roster come September.

Of course, they are the Patriots, and they’ll be fine. But the success of their passing game this season may come down to the NFL’s decision regarding Josh Gordon. Gordon put up good numbers in the 12 games he played as a Patriot last year before getting suspended again. He has now reportedly applied for reinstatement, according to Pro Football Talk.

Gordon was suspended indefinitely in December after he violated the terms of his previous reinstatement, although details surrounding that situation is murky. Bill Belichick has no answer for the many reporters who peppered him with questions during his first media appearance of training camp, insisting it’s a league matter and the Patriots have no hand in his reinstatement.

Gordon’s struggles with substance abuse are well-known, and the most important thing is that he is in a good place in regards to his body and mind. If he’s applying for reinstatement, it is hopefully a sign that he’s made progress in his months away from the team. His presence would boost the Patriots immensely, but it falls low on the priority list compared to his health and well-being.