Michael Bennett Says He Was Suspended Over 'Philosophical Disagreement'

Super Bowl XLVIII Media Day
Super Bowl XLVIII Media Day / Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

The New England Patriots have suspended defensive lineman Michael Bennett, one of the crucial cogs in their the defense, one week for conduct detrimental to the team. What kind of conduct, you ask? Well, it sounds as if the ol' freshman dorm study lounge debate got a bit heated.

We've all been there. The concept of nature vs. nurture or fate vs. destiny is divisive. Discussions tend to get passionate. Id and ego are in play. Perhaps Bennett is a believer in original sin while his position coach isn't. Perhaps Bennett just couldn't concede that the German guy's cat could simultaneously be alive and dead.

Not too get too far down a rabbit hole here, but was this run-in pre-ordained by the universe? Because if so, there's not blame to be placed on either party. This was always going to happen in this particular universe.

Now, why did I say this particular universe? Well, because there could be an infinite amount of them, meaning there's one in which Bennett isn't suspended, one where he's suspended from the Minnesota Vikings, one where he's a country music star named Cliff Kline, and one in which he's a Nepalese farmer.

But again, let's not get too far into the weeds.