Patriots Fans Cyber-Bullying Courtroom Sketch Artist Over Tom Brady Drawing

Stephen Douglas
Jane Rosenberg flooded with emails (8/13/15)
Jane Rosenberg flooded with emails (8/13/15) / Dan Patrick Show

Courtroom sketch artist seems like it would be a difficult job. You have a finite amount of time to draw a number of things and you probably don’t get to do much editing. The word “sketch” – defined as a “rough drawing” – is right there in the job title. Naturally, the Internet freaked out when a sketch of Tom Brady at his DeflateGate hearing revealed a less-than-flattering version of Touchdown Tom, the Dreamboat Michigan Man. Now Jane Rosenberg, the woman who sketched the sketch, is being harassed by Patriots fans.

Rosenberg also gave an interview shortly after leaving court on Wednesday. The only real conclusion? People are the worst.