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Patriots Beat Writer Ben Volin Apologizes For Sharing Fake Mac Jones DM

Liam McKeone
Mac Jones
Mac Jones / Maddie Meyer/GettyImages

It would have been quite interesting to be a fly on the wall inside the New England Patriots' buildings in Foxborough this week as the Mac Jones attitude problem narrative ran wild. In case you haven't been plugged in, a few rumors popped up earlier in the week that Jones had an ego problem and it has become an issue with the franchise. Things came to a head yesterday, when one of the Boston Globe's Patriots reporters, Ben Volin, went on WEEI and shared a DM he received that Jones had an attitude problem and "everyone in the building" knew it.

All of it seemed a little... off if you looked at it close enough. It turns out that it was. Volin tweeted out an apology today for not vetting the DM before sharing it on sports talk radio.

Barstool Sports posted an article yesterday after the Jones report went viral in which a follower claimed he was the source of the fake news DM'd to Volin. Whether or not that's true, Volin is admitting that he screwed up by putting out an unverified report. Even if he caveated on-air.

Good for Volin. It can be difficult to openly acknowledge one's mistakes, especially when they are made in such a public forum.