Patrick Reed's Caddy Suspended For Sunday's Round of President's Cup After Altercation With Fan

Liam McKeone
Kessler Karain, Patrick Reed's caddy
Kessler Karain, Patrick Reed's caddy / Warren Little/Getty Images

Patrick Reed's caddy, Kessler Karain, has been suspended for the final day of the President's Cup in Melbourne after an altercation with a fan. According to a statement released by Karain, one fan went too far in his heckling of Reed, and Karain got off the cart and shoved the fan while cursing at him before security arrived.

An ESPN source says Karain not only shoved this fan, but punched him in the face after the fan told Reed and his cohorts "You f---ing suck." Karain had the following to say in a statement released to ESPN's Michael Collins:

"As a caddie, one of your jobs is to protect your player. And unlike several other sports, in golf fans can get pretty close to Athletes. We have been known for having fun with some good banter, but after hearing several fans in Australia for 3 days some had taken it too far, I had enough. And this gentleman was one of them. I got off the cart and shoved him, said a couple things, probably a few expletives. Security came and I got back in [the] cart and left. I don't think there's one caddie I know that could blame me."

Kessler Karain

Karain, Reed's brother-in-law, has been next to Reed throughout the tournament as the American took constant criticism from the crowd over a cheating scandal in the Bahamas at the Hero World Challenge last week. Reed allegedly improved his lie in a waste area by moving sand on his backswing. International members opposing Reed at the President's Cup encouraged fans to let Reed hear it.

The President's Cup is the only golf event on the calendar where a rowdier crowd is welcome. It would seem this fan took it too far.