Patrick Queen: Mac Jones Said Something

Adam Glanzman/GettyImages

The Baltimore Ravens survived a scare in Foxboro today by outlasting the New England Patriots, 37-26. Mac Jones had a super-eventful game, throwing for 321 yards with three interceptions sprinkled in before exiting with what could be a significant leg injury. If that wasn't enough, Ravens linebacker Patrick Queen did the online version of putting two insects in a jar and shaking them up by logging onto Twitter and teasing ... something that Jones likely said to him while celebrating a Damien Harris rushing touchdown that gave the Pats a third-quarter lead.

Here's the trash-talking in question.

Something? Nothing? Impossible to tell without more details. Not that an absence of details will keep people from speculating. Real Housewives fans may disagree but I think you need to come with the full receipts if you're going to bring this up. It won't take much work to find some pretty strong accusations out there when in reality it could have been something tame. Perhaps something about the actual Queen. Or a strong criticism of The Wire, Season 5.

Maybe more on this later. Maybe not.