Patrick Peterson's Trash Talk May Have Backfired

Justin K. Aller/GettyImages

Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback Patrick Peterson was confident going into today's game against the San Francisco 49ers. He said that even though Kyle Shanahan runs a good system and Brock Purdy won't make mental mistakes, dogged film study revealed at the offense had some tendencies he could exploit.

He declined to say more during the All Things Covered podcast, but said all would be revealed after he made a big play.

“When I get my pick Sunday we’ll talk about it,” Peterson said.

That interception did not come on the Niners' first offensive touchdown, which culminated in a Brandon Aiyuk touchdown that left Peterson on the ground.

Not great.

But there's plenty of game left and it did look like Peterson was trying to pass off the receiver to someone else. So even knowing the tendencies isn't much of a help if you can't communicate the answer.