Patrick Mahomes Threw the Worst Interception of His Career

Kansas City Chiefs v Washington Football Team
Kansas City Chiefs v Washington Football Team / Greg Fiume/GettyImages

Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs lead the NFL in turnovers right now with 14 through five and a half games. Their latest turnover came on an absolutely horrible throw by Patrick Mahomes. After fumbling and recovering the snap, Mahomes tried to throw the ball away as he was being sacked. Wherever he intended the pass to go, it floated into the arms of Washington's Bobby McCain.

The NFL Twitter account saying WFT forced this turnover is extremely generous. Mahomes just threw it up there and there's nothing anyone can say about it. Even his mother.

This was in response to Mahomes' first interception of the day which went off the hands of one of the Chiefs receivers. It is actually not a bad idea to differentiate interceptions that should be blamed on the quarterback or receiver. I'm sure someone, somewhere is keeping track of that, but for basic stats that flash below a QB's name, the Mahomes family is just going to have to live with all of them being credited to young Patrick.