Patrick Mahomes versus Tom Brady Debate Produces Peak First Take Yelling

By Jason Lisk

First Take went fully caffeinated this morning when talking about the upcoming Patriots-Chiefs matchup, and debating who you would rather have over the rest of the season, Patrick Mahomes or Tom Brady. It’s the perfect sports yelling topic, as you get the hot young phenom against the proven veteran winner. Add in a former teammate of Tom Brady in Tedy Bruschi to go with Stephen A. Smithand Max Kellerman, and you get magic.

Let’s start with the opener, where Max chooses Patrick Mahomes, but distinguishes that doesn’t include the playoffs, which leads to a screaming match over the rules of the debate. The rules of the artificial debate must be observed!

Later, when Max again distinguished between Mahomes in the regular season and who he would prefer in the playoffs, things went truly off the rails. At one point, we had all four participants yelling, with Molly Qerim trying to call timeout repeatedly and futilely.

I’m not going to begin to try to transcribe that, which is what makes it truly magical stuff. The actual matchup between Mahomes and Brady has a lot to live up to now.