Patrick Mahomes' Iconic Touchdown Run Looked Just Like One He Had in High School

Kyle Koster
AFC Champion Patrick Mahomes
AFC Champion Patrick Mahomes / Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Patrick Mahomes changed the entire tenor of the AFC Championship Game with an incredible 27-yard touchdown scamper to give the Kansas City Chiefs a 21-17 halftime lead. It was one of those moments where the second it happened, viewers knew they'd be seeing it for years to come. It was the turning point in the game and perhaps the turning point in Mahomes fully realizing his seemingly unlimited potential.

Those who have been following Mahomes throughout his ascent, though, can be forgiven for having a case of deja vu because there was something super familiar about the run. Here's the quarterback in high school, turning in an eerily similar touchdown scramble in the playoffs.

One has to wonder if Tennessee would be going to the Super Bowl had the defensive staff poured itself into searching all of Mahomes' archives. They would have seen the elusiveness and tackle-breaking ability coming. We'll see if the 49ers make the same mistake or take great pains to procure some Pee Wee tape of their next opponent.