Patrick Mahomes Hurts Ankle Again During Super Bowl, in Obvious Pain on Sideline

Kyle Koster
Rob Carr/GettyImages

Patrick Mahomes battled though a high-ankle sprain to lead the Kansas City Chiefs to Super Bowl LVII and it appears he may have re-aggravated the area while being taken down on a third-down scramble shortly before halftime. The All-Everything quarterback stayed down the field for a few beats before getting up and hobbling to the sideline. Combined, the TBL staff is about 12 years of medical school short of being able to practice medicine, but Mahomes looked to be in great pain.

It's going to take a hell of a lot to keep him out of this game. It's also going to be very tough for him to be as productive as usual if there's not some improvement during halftime.

Is the world ready for Chad Henne in the Super Bowl? Strap in, folks.

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