Rob Ninkovich: Patrick Mahomes Would Struggle if He Were On the Baltimore Ravens

Stephen Douglas

Rob Ninkovich joined ESPN last July as an NFL analyst and it is unclear where the Worldwide Leader has been hiding him because today he came out with a very, very spicy take. Appearing on Get Up this morning, Ninkovich was asked who would be the likely MVP of the upcoming NFL season. Ninkovich said Patrick Mahomes would run away with the award because his offense is loaded and that's the only reason Mahomes would win.

Ninkovich said that if you had Mahomes and Lamar Jackson switch teams, Jackson would be the perennial MVP while Mahomes would struggle in Baltimore's offense. Saying Jackson would excel with Andy Reid in Kansas City isn't wild, but suggesting Mahomes would have trouble... anywhere is crazy. Especially with Jim Harbaugh in Baltimore.

The Ravens averaged five more points and 28 more yards of offense per game than the Chiefs last season. They had a Pro Bowl running back and a bunch of solid pass catchers. To suggest that the Super Bowl MVP couldn't do something similar in Baltimore is just insulting.