How Can Patrick Mahomes Be the MVP of All Sports If He's Not the MVP of the NFL?

Kyle Koster
Patrick Mahomes is very good.
Patrick Mahomes is very good. / Jamie Squire/Getty Images

The First Take crew was back at it today, doing what they do best: saying things that get a rise out of people who promised to never let it happen to them ever again. One of the topics was Patrick Mahomes, and if he's the MVP in all of sports. Max Kellerman, after some pretty illuminating discussion of how the hot take sausage is made, said yes. Stephen A. Smith said no.

It's always exciting to agree with Smith, so I'm going to savor this. He helpfully pointed to the continued existence of LeBron James as holder of that mantle. In fact, few people know this but the prompt for this viral clip was, "who is the MVP in all of sports?"

Mahomes has been otherworldly in back-to-back games. He's a cheat code. If he stays healthy they'll dedicate a whole wing to him in Canton. But, uh, he wasn't even the MVP of football this year. That honor will belong to Lamar Jackson.

So did Mahomes usurp the crown with 120 minutes of play over an eight-day stretch? Not saying it's impossible. But if this whole made-up prestige post is fickle enough to be swayed so violently by the previous day's events, perhaps it's not all that important.

Mahomes has a serious shot to solidify Kellerman's argument in the Super Bowl, yet the best thing he can do to make his case is get James to retire.