Patrick Mahomes Begs LeSean McCoy For a Follow on Twitter

Ryan Phillips
Mahomes McCoy
Mahomes McCoy / Alika Jenner/Getty Images

Patrick Mahomes is getting a little desperate and it's showing. On Wednesday, the reigning NFL MVP stooped to a new low by begging LeSean McCoy for follow on Twitter. Pat, come on, this is beneath you.

McCoy, who joined the Kansas City Chiefs as a free agent in August, celebrated the team's bye week by posting the following tweet:

Mahomes followed it up with this:

Pat, stop being so thirsty!

Alright fine, we'll stop hazing Mahomes. It is pretty insane that McCoy has caught 24 passes from Patty on the field but hasn't thrown him a follow on social media. LeSean has three fumbles on the season, I think it's safe to count "not following the NFL MVP and your starting quarterback on Twitter" as number four.