Patrick Mahomes Will Put Ketchup on His Thanksgiving Turkey and Ham

Stephen Douglas
Patrick Mahomes
Patrick Mahomes / Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Patrick Mahomes loves ketchup. It's been two years since that fact was revealed in an ESPN profile of the then future Super Bowl MVP. People were aghast then and they are sure to be re-riled up again now as Mahomes revealed in a radio appearance this morning that he planned to put ketchup on his Thanksgiving turkey. Via KCSP:

"Yeah dude. You gotta put ketchup on that. Turkey and ham."

This is going to be a disaster. Personally, I don't care how Mahomes consumes his holiday meats, but The Internet is going to be very upset. Putting ketchup or ranch dressing on anything gets people very agitated. Doing something nontraditional like putting ketchup on turkey during Thanksgiving? This aggression will not stand.

Thanksgiving is the Super Bowl for foodies. The annual cooking and eating of this particular bird is incredibly important and everyone has their own way that is the only real way to do it. Anyone caught using any other methods or, heaven forbid, condiments, is in for at least a disappointed head shake and at most a public shaming lecture.

Patrick Mahomes may be entering his prime as a football player, but at Thanksgiving he's relegated to the kids table.