Patrick Mahomes is a Perfect 99 in Madden 21

Stephen Douglas
Patrick Mahomes and his biggest fan, Travis Kelce.
Patrick Mahomes and his biggest fan, Travis Kelce. / Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Patrick Mahomes is perfect. You don't need to tell that to anyone who watched the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback play in the playoffs last season, but Madden 21 has confirmed Mahomes' perfection by rating him a 99. The big news was probably announced originally on ESPN as part of MADDEN WEEK, but it quickly was everywhere on Twitter.

Travis Kelce surprised Mahomes with the news over the weekend at a golf tournament.

Four players were rated a perfect 99 in last year's game -- DeAndre Hopkins, Khalil Mack, Aaron Donald, and Bobby Wagner. Mahomes was a paltry 97, but he worked his butt off, put up insane numbers and won a Super Bowl. And that's enough. Enough now.