Patrick Mahomes Out at Least 3 Weeks With Dislocated Kneecap

Kyle Koster
Kansas City Chiefs v Denver Broncos
Kansas City Chiefs v Denver Broncos / Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

A pall was cast over the NFL world during Thursday Night Football when reigning MVP Patrick Mahomes went down with an injury and was carted off. Speculation over the nature and severity came fast and furious before we got official word it was a dislocated kneecap. Now there's a loose timeline for the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback's return.

Mahomes will be out at least three weeks, pending the results of today's MRI, according to multiple reports. That test could obviously yield far more dire news, including the need for season-ending surgery.

The injury came on a called sneak and has everyone now believing that sneaks are very bad and should never be called. Other people are blaming the short week. A more sane faction realizes that people simply get hurt sometimes.

Kansas City can probably afford to tread water with replacement Matt Moore until mid-November. A more permanent solution will be required if Mahomes is out for longer than that.