Patrick Mahomes Now Has 33 Percent of Troy Aikman's Super Bowl Titles

Patrick Mahomes needs two more to tie Troy Aikman.
Patrick Mahomes needs two more to tie Troy Aikman. / Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Let's start things out on the positive side. Fox's Super Bowl game broadcast was unsurprisingly excellent last night as Joe Buck and Troy Aikman lived up to their high standard. But it was weird watching down the stretch while remembering the latter's viral tweet earlier this season where he basically shouted "Rings!" in a crowded media theater.

In response to a rather innocuous and factual note about the rapid pace with which Mahomes is assembling stats, Aikman helpfully pointed out that he won three Super Bowls during his career and the Chiefs quarterback had yet to even make the big, trademarked game.

While some loved it, I found the whole thing sort of unfair. All Mahomes did in his first year starting was win the MVP and get his team to overtime of the AFC Championship. Save for an inopportune offsides penalty, he would have been in position to get his first ring at age 23.

Instead he had to wait and wait until he turned 24 to collect the precious jewelry.

So it's time to talk. Mahomes has 33 -- actually 33.333 -- percent of Aikman's Super Bowl titles. He's in a system that allows him to excel. He appears destined for the Hall of Fame. If he stays healthy for the next 15 years, he'll surely add to his trophy case.

Three Super Bowl rings not only seems possible, it seems probable.

We're all going to have so much to talk about.