Patrick Mahomes and DeShaun Watson Come Together to Share a Moment Bears Fans Must Hate to See

Stephen Douglas
DeShaun Watson and Patrick Mahomes.
DeShaun Watson and Patrick Mahomes. / Jamie Squire/Getty Images

The Houston Texans and Kansas City Chiefs kicked off the 2020 NFL season on Thursday night. DeShaun Watson and Patrick Mahomes, the two faces of their respective franchises, shared a nice moment when Watson ran out of bounds and found a seat on the KC bench right next to Mahomes.

Replay showed that the two young, rich, talented quarterbacks did indeed exchange the silent smiles of two guys who are set for life. Or maybe they were just sharing a laugh about the Chicago Bears. Who really knows?

For the one million, billionth time, the Bears traded up in the 2017 NFL Draft to take Mitch Trubisky. Mahomes went 10th. Watson went 12th. In all fairness to Chicago, the 49ers, Jaguars, Titans, Jets, Chargers and Bengals all also passed on these guys. Still though. The Bears. Enjoy that fresh body language this season.