Patrick Mahomes Now Literally Carrying the Chiefs Offense

Stephen Douglas
Patrick Mahomes carried Tyreek Hill on his back.
Patrick Mahomes carried Tyreek Hill on his back. /

Patrick Mahomes had the kind of game against the New York Jets that you would expect Patrick Mahomes to have against the New York Jets. After throwing three touchdowns in the first half, Mahomes added two more (so far) in the second half for five total. That's more touchdown passes than the New England Patriots and New York Jets have thrown this season. The Giants have thrown five.

After his fifth of the day, Mahomes ran to the end zone to pick up Tyreek Hill, who had been shaken up scoring his second touchdown of the day. Mahomes then threw Hill on his back and carried him to the sideline. For those of you who think Patrick Mahomes can't do it all, he's even now playing the part of a medical cart. He probably re-taped Hill's ankles during the commercial.

Mahomes completed 31 of 42 passes for 416 yards.