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Patrick Ewing Being Hassled For Credentials in Madison Square Garden Seems Wrong

Stephen Douglas
Patrick Ewing saying, "This is my house."
Patrick Ewing saying, "This is my house." /

The Georgetown Hoyas upset the top seed in the Big East tournament on Thursday afternoon, beating the 14th-ranked Villanova Wildcats, 72-71 at Madison Square Garden. After the game, Hoyas coach Patrick Ewing explained multiple times that MSG is his house. First, during a postgame interview on FS1.

Then minutes later during his press conference, he complained that he was being hassled about which passes he was wearing, saying, "I thought this was my house! They should know who the hell I am!"

This is an interesting point. How can you work at Madison Square Garden and not know who Patrick Ewing is? This is a Hall of Famer who spent 15 seasons with the Knicks. He is arguably their most recognizable player of all-time. He should be able to go wherever he pleases in MSG. James Dolan really should fix this before he ruins another relationship with another Knicks legend.