Patrick Beverley to Stephen A. Smith: 'Get Off the Weed!'

Patrick Beverley, Stephen A. Smith, and JJ Redick
Patrick Beverley, Stephen A. Smith, and JJ Redick /

Patrick Beverley's ESPN media tour continued on Tuesday after Monday's spate of viral segments stemming from the point guard's comments. Beverley, wearing a fine sweater, ended up on First Take to argue with the network's premier shouter, Stephen A. Smith, alongside JJ Redick.

One topic they discussed was whether the Philadelphia 76ers should give James Harden a max contract extension after the team flamed out in the second round of the playoffs yet again. Beverley is of the opinion that Harden deserves the deal given his statistical output. Smith took the more popular opinion that the numbers are good but investing that much money in a clearly declining Harden is a terrible idea.

Beverley then took the opportunity to use one of Stephen A.'s most famous phrases and told him to "get off the weeeeeeed!" Redick knew it was coming and had a huge grin. Smith had the real-life embodiment of the "shocked Pikachu" face. It was tremendous.

Beverley is ruffling a lot of feathers making these appearances but it is fun television.