Sports Anchor Picks Up First Save for New White Sox Pitching Coach

Kyle Koster

The Chicago White Sox made non-Tony La Russa news for a change of pace on Thursday, snatching up San Francisco Giants pitching coach Ethan Katz to replace Don Cooper. WGN, as its done for decades as a lodestar of the city's captive television audience, conveyed this development via sports anchor Pat Tomasulo. He rewarded that trust by saying "pissing coach."

And then ... totally redeemed himself. Remember saying that line from Dumb & Dumber? Can you believe that more time has passed between when Dumb & Dumber was released and now than passed between the first moon landing and its release?

Here's Tomasulo expertly saving the situation with ease, like he was dealing with a particularly tough crowd at any of the Zanie's locations.

There's something inspiring to check in on the former star of Shaq Vs. and see he still has his fastball. Every day is a winding road.