Pat Shurmur on Losing: 'I'm Built For This'

Liam McKeone
New York Giants v Detroit Lions
New York Giants v Detroit Lions / Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

Pat Shurmur and the New York Giants are not a very good football team. This is not a big surprise, seeing as most expected this to be a bridge year to allow Daniel Jones to get acclimated to the NFL level and the other Giants rookies to get bountiful playing time.

As the head coach, Shurmur certainly will not admit that win-loss record is, in the grand scheme of things, rather unimportant in 2019. This does not prevent reporters from asking him about it, which led to this certified football coach answer on Thursday morning:

So Shurmur is built for... losing? That doesn't seem like something you want your coach to say. Seems to me he got a bit caught up in Tough Guy 101.

He probably was going for something like how he's built for adversity and all that, and there's no way to ease the monotony of being asked week after week if losing affects him, a professional football coach whose job is to win. Still, might be best to stick to cookie-cutter answers to avoid accidentally saying you're made to lose.