Pat McAfee Putting Smackdown on Hold For College GameDay

Ryan Phillips
Super Bowl LVI Media Row
Super Bowl LVI Media Row / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

Pat McAfee is joining College GameDay full-time as yet another job for a media member whose star is absolutely exploding right now. McAfee currently has a radio show/podcast, has a deal with Omaha Productions to simulcast college football games on ESPN2, is doing College GameDay full-time and is a commentator for WWE's SmackDown. That's a lot of work for one man and something had to give. On Wednesday, McAfee announced he's putting his WWE duties on hold while he does GameDay.

Here's McAfee discussing joining GameDay:

And here he is announcing he's putting SmackDown on hold and that WWE is fully supportive of the move:

It would be really difficult to do commentary during a Friday night SmackDown broadcast, then immediately fly to show up on GameDay the next morning. The WWE seems to be fully on board with McAfee taking a break during the college football season.