Source Tells Pat McAfee: Shannon Sharpe-Julio Jones Phone Call Surprised Everyone

Ryan Phillips
Pat McAfee and A.J. Hawk on "The Pat McAfee Show"
Pat McAfee and A.J. Hawk on "The Pat McAfee Show" /

Pat McAfee has been dropping the occasional scoop lately on his show and Friday he may have gotten his best one yet. A text from McAfee's "media source" claimed Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones didn't know he was live on air when he told Shannon Sharpe he was done in Atlanta. Similarly, the powers that be at Fox had no idea Sharpe was going to call Jones in the middle of Undisputed.

Here's the segment in question from the Pat McAfee Show:

Here's the incident in question:

If this is correct, it means Sharpe's call to Jones was not a planned bit, he just did it on his own without running it by producers and higher-ups. It also means Jones probably thought he was having a personal conversation with Sharpe rather than something meant to be broadcast to the world.

This all makes sense, since the rest of Fox's shows have pretended the Jones/Sharpe call never happened. No one is referencing it and it hasn't been promoted despite call being a huge story.