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Pat McAfee Makes a Good Point About the NFL's Big Spenders

Kyle Koster

Teams who spend a lot in free agency tend to lose, this is true. But one thing does not necessarily mean the other. Pat McAfee made this observation on his show between giving Warren Sharp free graphic design lessons.

The data may speak for itself. It still requires a global-brain perspective to understand. McAfee helpfully pointed out that the teams spending the most are usually in the process of becoming a team that doesn't have to spend as much because it's closer to winning a championship.

And so the cycle continues. Money-burners in the offseason will continue to chase more often than they catch up and eat their prey. So there's no real way for them to get out of the cycle, until they hit on one rebuild and create a smaller maintenance project.

Important reminder for when the next big free-agent signs a meaty deal. It may be terrific for the player, yet there's almost some expected disappointment from the franchise statement in terms of ROI.