Pat McAfee Had an Epic Rant About Horrible NFL Commentators

Stephen Douglas
Pat McAfee
Pat McAfee /

Pat McAfee is every man, watching the NFL from home, yelling about how bad the announcers are. Following what must have been a rough Sunday viewing experience, McAfee ranted about announcers on his show on Monday. McAfee (with NSFW language) says there is a "suckfest" going on in NFL booths right now and the networks need to find better people.

""You listen to some of these f-cking idiots talk and you just get dumber while you're listening to the game and it makes no sense to me how they have jobs.""

It's a tough stance from McAfee, who up until recently wanted one of those jobs. Though in this clip he says that's no longer the case. McAfee doesn't burn anyone specific, but does suggest that guys start at a much lower level and work their way up to actual NFL games. It's hard to argue with that.

With all the viewing options fans have these days, it's tough. You used to sit and listen to John Madden talk about birds and had no idea what was happening on the non-national games. Now we have access to every single call and not everyone is going to be Tony Romo. That's why Romo gets the big bucks and the rest get the ire of Pat McAfee and everyone else watching at home.