Pat McAfee Discusses If He'd Ever Wrestle in WWE, Epic Peyton Manning Story, And More


Pat McAfee joins the podcast for the second time! He was made available on behalf of Naturday, a new strawberry lemonade beer from Natty Light. We discussed the epic Peyton Manning story he told in the commercial for the beer (see video of it below), his new contract with WWE, whether he’d ever wrestle in a match, what it was like for Triple H to know who he is and appreciate his work, and if he could see himself as an XFL broadcaster.

Later, we discussed the differences between broadcasting on radio and TV, his enthusiastic call of a Matt Prater touchdown pass, why Adam Vinatieri is one of the most impressive athletes of our lifetime, and how he can actually leave the casino right after winning $3500 on a roulette spin.

Here is his Peyton Manning story:

Hope you enjoy!