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Pat McAfee Calling a Bonkers Play in the Congressional Baseball Game Is As Good As It Gets

Ryan Phillips
Congressional Baseball Game
Congressional Baseball Game /

The Congressional Baseball Game has the Internet buzzing Wednesday night because it's absolutely ridiculous. The entire event at Nationals Park has been incredible with some crazy moments. Perhaps no one got as excited about the festivities as Pat McAfee.

McAfee was flipping through channels and landed on the game, and boy did he turn it on at the perfect time. He managed to do play-by-play for the craziest sequence of the entire affair. It was amazing.

Check this out:

That's amazing. What a call. It's as good as it gets. McAfee seems genuinely tickled by this whole affair.

Here's another look at what was an amazing play:

Yes, those are members of Congress playing baseball in a MLB stadium. Like McAfee, I find so much humor in this situation. If you told me someone slipped acid in my iced tea earlier and this is the result of the ensuing trip, I'd completely believe you.