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Pat McAfee: Being an XFL Sideline Reporter Was Not For Me

Ryan Phillips
Pat McAfee on the "Pat McAfee Show"
Pat McAfee on the "Pat McAfee Show" /

Pat McAfee's career has branched out in many directions, one of them was working as a sideline reporter during the XFL's rebirth in 2020. While McAfee can be wildly entertaining, during Friday's show he said he didn't enjoy working the sidelines during that stint and that he got yelled at a lot by producers.

During a segment discussing his time with the XFL, McAfee essentially said he had no idea what he was doing. People train for years to be a sideline reporter and it sounds like he was just thrown in there. He had to be told to stay off the field repeatedly.

Here's the segment:

He's right. People need to be trained for doing that kind of work and the fact the XFL decided to put him on the field is pretty hilarious. You want McAfee constantly mic'd up and reacting to things, not being an intrepid reporter on the field.