Pat McAfee: Andrew Luck Showed More Hurt in Locker Room Than in Public in Ryan Grigson Years

Bobby Burack

Andrew Luck’s former teammate Pat McAfee discussed Luck’s shocking retirement this morning on Get Up. Several things stood out during McAfee’s segment– such as revealing that those around the Colts locker room had noticed how beat up Luck was during his time with the team but he never let anyone know about it. Starting at the 4:20 mark:

McAfee said that he and Luck certainly liked their offensive linemen, and both were friends with many, but at some point one of them needed to step up and prevent Luck from taking punishment. That obviously didn’t happen.

Luck came into the NFL as a once in a generation type player and was forced to overcome a putrid offensive line and an inept front office. And with all that, in the process of getting beat up weekly, he brought the team all the way to the AFC Championship Game in 2014-15. What makes this whole situation even harder to stomach is that the Colts have finally provided Luck with good protection, but it was too late.

If only someone would have done it sooner.