Pat McAfee: Al Riveron Is a Terrible Leader and It's Ruining the NFL

Ryan Glasspiegel

Pat McAfee, appearing in one of his 45 jobs in a role on Get Up this morning, really lit into NFL SVP of officiating Al Riveron, calling him a terrible leader of men and saying that his incompetence is ruining the game:

McAfee has been on this wavelength on his DAZN show, but it feels a little more significant when he goes on the air on ESPN, a rights partner of the league, and absolutely buries the head of officiating. He also made the point that the networks have plucked a lot of the best officials or leaders -- John Parry on ESPN, Gene Steratore on CBS, Dean Blandino (whom he paused to say was not great, but still better than Riveron) and Mike Pereira on Fox, etc. -- and that they haven't been replenished with adequate replacements.

The new system of being able to challenge pass interference or non-PI calls, which has essentially become a system for coaches to light timeouts on fire because the officials led by Riveron obstinately refuse to overturn the original call on the field, has especially illuminated the issue.