Pat McAfee Reveals His Source for Aaron Rodgers News Is, In Fact, Aaron Rodgers

Ryan Phillips
Pat McAfee discusses Aaron Rodgers on "The Pat McAfee Show"
Pat McAfee discusses Aaron Rodgers on "The Pat McAfee Show" /

Pat McAfee has had an inside track on Aaron Rodgers news all offseason. The Pat McAfee Show has become a resource to clear up some of the misconceptions about the Green Bay Packers quarterback's future. On Tuesday, McAfee dropped more breaking news and accidentally gave up his source.

McAfee took to the air and revealed his "sources" told him Rodgers had never had his house "deep cleaned" by anyone but his own personal cleaner. This comes after rumors circulated that his Green Bay pad was scheduled to be deep cleaned. Whether that was supposed to mean he was getting it cleaned to sell it, or because he was returning, wasn't clear.

But McAfee shot that rumor down from an impeccable source, which he accidentally revealed was, in fact, Aaron Rodgers.

Here's the segment from McAfee's show:

Rodgers also mentioned that the country club renewal we discussed back in June wasn't actually something he chose.

This all comes on the heels of Rodgers reportedly turning down a big contract extension from the Packers.

The Aaron Rodgers saga is never boring.