Papa John Schnatter Told OAN He's Spent 20 Months Trying to Get the N-Word Out of His Vocabulary

Papa John's International Rings the NASDAQ Opening Bell
Papa John's International Rings the NASDAQ Opening Bell / Rob Kim/Getty Images

John Schnatter, the man best known as Papa John, the founder and former face of the Papa John's pizza chain, appeared on OAN today. Host Kara McKinney asked Schnatter how he felt when the headlines smearing his good name first started coming out a few years ago. Schnatter said he was shocked and couldn't believe it. He then explained that over the last 20 months, one of his three goals was to get rid of the N-word from his vocabulary.

It should not take multiple months, let alone 20 of them, to get the N-word out of your vocabulary. Especially if it just cost you everything. That cannot be the on-the-record quote his public relations team was hoping to get out of this appearance.

One other important thing to note is that Schnetter is still wearing a red Papa John's shirt. Does the man not own an un-branded polo? Is that still all he wears? Is he worried we won't recognize him otherwise? Will he just promote this brand forever, no matter how much stock he sells? I suppose if it takes 20-plus months to work the N-word out of your vocabulary, it might take even longer to phase old work shirts out of your wardrobe.