BREAKING: Papa John's is Now Papa Johns, No Changes to Pepperoncini and Garlic Cup

Kyle Koster
SOPA Images/GettyImages

Papa John's pizza has always had its time and place because all pizza is inherently good pizza, even at lower tiers. Ever since founder and former CEO John Schnatter steered the company toward controversy a few years back, the in-house job of public relations has been more difficult. They've taken an either meaningful or minute step in that process by today released a new name and logo along with upcoming changes to their restaurants.

The headline here? It will now be called Papa Johns. No more apostrophe. No possessive. This is the people's pizza company now. Or something. Additionally, the color scheme has been changed while retaining the Better Ingredients. Better Pizza. tagline. Plus an endeavor to "modernize the Papa Johns experience and build deeper emotional connections with customers, team members and communities, while preserving what has made the brand so successful – its commitment to high-quality, delicious food created from premium ingredients."


You may be thinking: okay, this is all fine as long as the signature presentation of a pepperoncini pepper and garlic sauce cup continues. And folks, fear not. Like Jordan Belfort in Wolf of Wall Street, they're not leaving either. All of these developments seemed important amplify. The apostrophe world is no more. Long live the Johns, plural.