Panthers QB PJ Walker Attempts Pregame Field Goal, Fails

Brian Giuffra
Panthers quarterback P.J. Walker.
Panthers quarterback P.J. Walker. / Jim McIsaac/GettyImages

P.J. Walker is a pretty good quarterback. One of the best 75 or so in the world. There is no debating this fact. He's a backup quarterback in the NFL for the Panthers dressed on Sunday. He can sling the rock.

Kicking? Not his forte. But hey, he gave it a whirl.

After Panthers kicker Zane Gonzalez injured his leg in pregame, grabbing his left hamstring, and was ruled out for the game, the Panthers held an impromptu kicker competition. Apparently, Walker threw his hat into the ring. Or perhaps someone else asked him to. But either way, he attempted a kick in pregame. It did not end well. He's the last person kicking in the video below.

None of these kicks inspire much confidence. Walker was the only one we saw attempt an actual field goal. We can all agree, for the Panthers' sake, we hope he doesn't have to do this in the actual game. Really, none of them should. Maybe an onside kick. That's about where this group's talent ends.

UPDATE: Walker is the Panthers kicker on field goal attempts. Now we want to see it in a game.