Tampa Bay Radio Spy: Several Florida Panthers Were Out Partying Late at a Strip Club


The Florida Panthers enjoyed their most successful regular season in a quarter-century and captured the Presidents Cup. Which is a hell of an accomplishment if it carries over the playoffs and entirely meaningless if it does not. It appears the latter is far more likely than the former as the Ice Cats have been throttled by the Tampa Bay Lightning, a team that looks extremely serious about a threepeat. After yesterday's 5-1 loss, several members of the Panthers allegedly attempted to drown their sorrows with a late night of partying, which may or many not have included a strip-club visit.

That's the report shared on WDAE's The Pat and Aaron Show, who cite an anonymous source good enough to trust.

If true, that's probably your sign from the gambling gods to take the Tampa Bay Lightning moneyline tonight. But allow me to zag here. Clearly nothing has worked thus far, and the prospect of winning four in a row is daunting. Why not mix it up a bit? Why not employ desperate measures in a desperate situation? The Boston Red Sox had Cowboy Up and pregame shots in 2004. The Panthers might have the jiggle joint and shots at the bar in 2022.

Honestly, it can't hurt at this point.